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Early prophecy


      Apart from the promises and all of the precedents set by God through the events involving Adam through Joseph, There is a scenario that is a key to understanding part of what will happen in the end times.


     I.   The neighboring nations(Gen 10).

               An extensive list of the descendents of Noah is portrayed, each one of them being close enough to affect the promised land through the ages. There is no practical need to list nations that would otherwise be able to be part of the scenario revealed as being part of what will happen in the end times.


     II.   The ingathering of nations(Is 10).

                Isaiah establishes that besides gathering the descendents of Israel, an ensign will be raised unto the gentiles. For most people it represents those gentiles attracted as believers. While that is a possibility, keeping in mind what is stated in Genisis and Isaiah here we have a mechanism that actually makes events apocalyptic events possible.

                A.   These recent events are indicative of this process:

                              1.   The history of Zionism;

                                     1a.  The early settlement of Palestine by Askenazi descendents.

                                     1b.   The influx of Sephardic jews from the Arab world

                                     1c.  The migration of Ethiopian jews to Israel.

                                     1d.   The recent  confirmation of Lemba oral history through the use of genetics.


                          2.    The cultural identity of ancient peoples:           

                                    2a.   the Armenians.                                          

                                     2b.   the Kurds.

                                     2c.   the ethnic groups within the Balkans


                  B.     This implies a reversal of the trend towards the establishment of nations that ocurred several hundred years ago and is made possible as in the case of the establishment of the state of Israel, by the support of the United Nations through the right to self determination.